Sunday, September 28, 2008

The Girls...

Nicole and Me....gotta dress up and get out of those stupid spandex sometimes...

This is Jen...Played vball last year w/ me

Meet ANYA! My bestfriend up here...she is a crazy ninja...and our libero on the team, and she is my roommate roommate (same room and everything!)

Anya taught me to use chop sticks...I am a PRO!

Best Sushi Bar in town!!!!!!!!!!!!! yes I am now a huge sushi fan...seattle has ruined me!

Better late than never....

So I didnt wanna start a blog till I was old and married, like all of the rest of you...but I decided I would suck it up and join the fun! Since none of you use facebook like the rest of the world...I have to become a bloger just to keep in family is impossible!

So what's new in my life? NOTHING...outside of volleyball and school.....I play in seattle and chill with my friends (aka the volleyball team). Our season however is doin very well this year. We are undefeated in the actual league season and out overall record is 19-5! We are ranked first in the North Region and fourth in all of the NWAACC region (which is WA and Oregon's messed up version of the NCAA's). This year has been so coach is ruthless...but its apparently working off...Nate I will have you know I am a push up queen now! (but I still cant do a very good pull up :/ something you just cant do and i have accepted that). As for my is more of an annoyance than anything else....I just want it to be totally healed so i can play in full!

Other than that I have school...which simply requires me to live at the library...which again si NO problem since our volleybal team has a required study hall every day! it ends up to be more of a social event then actual studying but hey I am at a community college...give a girl a break!

I think thats all and honestly plenty to keep you completely involve in what I am doind for the next...three months! good thing i absolutely LOVE it!