Thursday, October 29, 2009

Formal/Bridal Session

Bryan and I went to Portland this last weekend! I really wanted a formal photography session with Bryan and I in all of our wedding stuff in Portland. Since we decided not to get married in Portland...I took pictures there to make me feel better about it! Plus Portland is absolutely gorgeous this time of year...I love the west!

The morning before the shoot was INSANE! People always talk about how wedding stuff is stressful and how the day of always goes wrong...I didn't believe them until that morning! So far my wedding plans have been so easy and fun...the blessing of a long engagement!

Anyways I went to get my nails done (i cant have fake nails during the week cuz of school and volleyball..silly rules if ya ask me!) I went to a local lady at walmart. She was so funny...granted I could only undestand 1/4 of what she said! I asked her to mak my nails really her asian accent she told me NO! She said that boys like long nails and that my husband will thank her! Then she asked me something i couldnt understand and you can only say "im sorry" and "what was that" so many times before you look just I told her ok...turns out my nails are long and PINK with Glitter!! hahahaha it was terrible!Not to mention that to have to have longer nails and pink and glitter cost twenty dollars more than normal french tip nails that I wanted!

Then i went to get my haur done the morning off...the lady that did it, did it nothing like I wanted. She even said "sorry its not what you wanted but I thought this would look better..." turns out it looked ok so no harm done :)

Then I went to pick up my flowers! These flowers were suppose to be done by two..i get there and the lady is just starting to put them together. Then in the middle of putting them together she picks up the phone. Apparently it was her boyfriend and they were having a fight over the phone. Anyways it resulted in her crying while she was putting my flowers was so awkward standing there while they were fighting over the phone! The flowers took two hours to get done...which made us so late for our photo shoot! Luckly Ashley the photographer was so understanding and sweet! but we had to take a three hour shoot in an hour and a half because the sunlight was fading!!

After all of that frustration and stress that we would miss the shoot...the shoot went awesome and I loved our photographer! She made it so much fun....which is good cuz I hate getting pictures taken of me i think it is so awkward!

I am so blessed to have Bryan in my life! He did so well this weekend with handling me...there was no way i was easy! I hate being late and I was so worried that we would miss it! Thank Bry for hangin in there and being so wonderful! I could not have gotten though that crazy weekend without you!

I will post some pictures when i get them!