Friday, November 27, 2009


This year Bryan and I decided to have our own Thanksgiving in Klamath Falls. Idaho Falls was just too far away and we could not afford's hard to be a poor college student! This was our first year away from home on the Holidays which was a little weird....the first time with out black Friday shopping w/ my mom and sisters! However this year was a lot of fun, and Bryan and I had quite the feast. We were so worried about how this dinner would turn out but it was fantastic. Bryan cooked the Turkey and I did everything else. Bryan was so proud of his turkey and I have to give it to him it was really good...we both felt so old and adult! Cooking the whole dinner ourselves, cleaning ourselves, and being alone made me feel like I had a family of my own..I loved it!! It was nice to only have to clean up after two people instead of doing dishes for twenty people like we would if we were home. After dinner we watched a million Christmas movies and just hung out. It was very quiet but I loved spending all that time with my Fiance.

Normally around this time of year it is normal to reflect on what you are thankful for, but this year meant a lot more to me. I have lead a very blessed life and I feel I have taken a lot of it for granted. This year made me realize just how blessed I am. I have been blessed with some amazing opportunities, to go to school, play volleyball, travel, meet the people that I have, and share the gospel to a lot of people. I love my family and have been blessed with the most amazing parents, brothers and sisters. I am especially thankful for my fiance. He is my rock and helps me get form day to day. He makes sure I get to church and really is such an example to me when it come to the gospel. I love him so much.

That's all for this post. I hope everyone had an amazing Thanksgiving and Happy Holidays!

Can we talk about how much gray I am wearing?

Bryan's Turkey!

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Tender Mercies

I have been so blessed to have the most wonderful friends in my life. One of my roommates and best friends from Seattle and I have been through a lot together. I can honestly say I could not have gotten through some things with out her. Lately she has been struggling with some trails of her own. Her oldest sister, Jill, had a little boy named Abel 5 months ago. Abel is the happiest little boy I have ever met. You could see and feel his precious little spirit so strongly when you looked at his little eyes. Unfortunately, Abel had a lot of health problems. He spent most of his time in the hospital. After countless heart surgeries they sent in home in hopes of getting well enough for another surgery. However his health never improved, and the doctors said his body could not handle another surgery. Lauren and her family have been staying with Jill spending all the time they can with little Abel. Earlier this afternoon he passed away calmly in his mothers arms. I am so sad such a wonderful little boy had to return to his father I heaven without really getting to know his earthly family.

I can not even imagine how hard this would be...had this been my nephew or my son even, I do not know what I would do with myself. Jill and her husband were sealed in the temple just a short while ago. What a blessing it is for them to know that they will see their little boy again. I am also grateful that I will be getting married in the temple to such a wonderful and caring man...someone I can share those same blessings with. I am sad that it takes a death of a small friend for me to really search my scriptures and get on my knees and thank the lord for all he does for me. What a wonderful blessing it is to the gospel in my life, for the wonderful knowledge and comfort it gives me, so I can comfort my friend in need. I know that Abel is with our father in heaven and that he is happy and pain free and looking over the Steenson family. I am so grateful for all the healthy nieces, nephews, cousins, and little friends that are in my life that give my so much happiness and make me laugh so hard! I love you all and be safe!

Monday, November 16, 2009


Bryan's favorite position...He hasn't moved in days!

You can't tell but I am making fun of him!

These are his wonderful goggles :) pretty hott huh!?

Last Monday the new xbox game, Modern Warfare 2 came out. It was so funny to watch Bryan get excited about this I am talking little kid at Christmas excited. He wouldn't stop talking about it! He ordered it weeks in advance and it came with some night vision goggles that I am not going to lie are pretty legit! I can not believe how much he spent on all of it though...that money could have bought us 150 cheeseburgers!!! I guess there is a special flavor of Mountain Dew that he had to have to play his we called every store with in two hours of Klamath Falls to find. The only place we found that still had this type of soda was in Medford...two hours away! Of course as soon as Bryan found this out he was on a mission...and we drove to Medford and cleaned out their supply of Mountain Dew Game Fuel!!

Ever since Monday he has been GLUED to that TV!!!! I find myself saying the same thing my dad would tell us as kids...Bry TV rots your brains!!! He plays till late in the night...and the worst part is most of the time I just sit and watch him!! Instead of doing my homework, or sleeping, or anything I watch him play video games...I don't know which one is worse his playing or my watching!!!!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Happy Halloween!

Halloween this year was very low-key but it was one of the best! I had a volleyball game tonight...which we won! After that Bryan and I went out to eat at the best sushi restaurant...I love sushi! Afterward we went to my house and carved pumpkins (I know its late to do that but we had midterms this week and I got really today was the only day to do it!) After all that we watched a scary movie..since it was Halloween and all. However I decided that Bryan is the worst person ever to watch a scary movie with!! Love him to death but he was so scared he wouldn't stop talking about random things, stop moving, or making me jump! But I love him all the same and would not want to watch a movie and spend Halloween with anyone else. I really am blessed to have such a scaredy-cat for a fiance!

My Pumpkin...may be my best yet!

This pumpkin was so hard to cut through!!!

Bryan is big on the new Modern Warfare 2 game coming out soon on xbox....that's his pumpkin tribute to the game...his geeky side comes out sometimes :)

All in all these pumpkins looked fantastic!
Happy Halloween!