Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Utah Jazz

Bryan and his family love the Utah Jazz. I remember going to games with my dad forever ago...back in their golden years with Karl Malone and John Stockton...and it just has not been the same since. lets just say I have lost loyalty to the Utah Jazz. When we watch them now I can't help but laugh as I watch Bryan get so excited...even though that team is just not that good. Sometimes I try to support him and cheer for the Jazz but most of the time I can't get myself to do it.

Christmas was one of those times I was trying to support his crazy love for this team. I got him Jazz tickets! We went to Portland (since we live very close to Portland but very far from Utah.) It turned out to be so much fun! Granted we were the ONLY ones in the whole arena that were cheering for the Jazz. When the crowd went quiet everyone would turn and look at Bry, The ONLY one clapping or shouting. Especially at the end. O man it was FUN. I have to give it to the Jazz they came back and played an amazing last 15 seconds of the fourth quarter and an alright overtime. Had to make all of the other parts of the game I guess! The Jazzended up winning and it was an AMAZING GAME!!! Best turn around I have ever seen! Bryan was so excited I have NEVER seen him so happy. Like a little boy in a candy store! Who knows someday Bryan will convert me and I will become a Jazz fan! I am so blessed to have such a wonderful fiance in my life! He makes everything so much fun and I am so glad we went to the game. I would not have wanted to watch anyone else or go with anyone else! Thanks for such a wonderful game Utah Jazz! And thanks for loving them so much babe!

That kid behind us was so annoying I almost took that blow up thing and hit him with it! that a bad thing to think or want to do?! Maybe kids are just not for us :)


Jazz come back after a 25 point deficit!

I Love You Bry! I can't wait till our next game!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010


My dogs sleep with me...until Bryan kicks them off once we are married

Lazy Pup

Best Buds

Bryan got our first Huskey, Ender a little over a year ago. We decided that Ender really needed a friend and it just so happened that Ender's breeders were expecting another litter. Those pups were so cute! So here I am with another beautiful puppy. Soka is a female Siberian Huskey, Ender's sister. She is white and sabel, a lot lighter than Ender is! She is so funny! When we first got Ender he was So shy and timid. Even now he is a very mellow happy dog. Soka is the total opposite. She loves attention and is not afraid of anything. She and Ender wrestle relentlessly and she wins most of the time. I love my wonderful little family and am so glad Ender has a friend (plus she is such a good cuddle buddy! It is suck a bummer that they can't stay that small for forever.) I love you Bryan and I can't wait to marry you!