Friday, November 25, 2011


I believe Bry and I have finally figured out this whole Thanksgiving dinner thing! We have had Thanksgiving with just the two of us for a few years now and as much as I miss family around this time I really enjoy our little Thanksgiving holiday. This year Bry and I invited some friends over for dinner and we were able to host it..intimidating right?

The day started out early with watching the parade and getting the house ready for everyone to come over. Our friends arrived around 11am, the boys went shooting with our dogs and the girls started cooking and talking. Then football, a nap, and food.

Turns out I really like being a hostess. It was fun to be in charge of everything...especially since everything looked great, ran smoothly and the food turned out well!

I have so much to be thankful for this year.

I am thankful for:

- the best husband who loves me more than anything
- an amazing family
- great friends
- a lovely little house that really feels like a home
- a great education (even though I complain about it)
- opportunity to have played a sport I love and excel at it on a high level
- a perfect job
- my dogs aka my children
- the gospel that gives me strength and hope
- two great kids that make me excited to be a mom someday

the list goes on and on...

My life

Nothing like cleaning while watching the Thanksgiving Day parade

I just could not wait to put this up. Can hardly wait for Christmas.

Bring on Christmas!...2 weeks till break. Let the count down begin.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

All Over the Place...

You would think that now volleyball is over. forever. 
(its been just over a week now) 
I would be glad and putting all my time and attention into school...

That is not the case.

What do I do instead you ask?

I I have never really eaten before
I shop...a lot...with money I do not have
I have mood swings like a prego person (nope. definitely not prego.) poor hubs
I watch TV...criminal minds actually...there is ALWAYS a marathon going
I play on Pinterest...I think I have more pins than anyone else...which adds to my shopping

Seriously I am all over the place.

And I am getting fat.

I need a new hobby. Like yesterday.

P.S. I have been doing zero school work. How I have not failed out yet is BEYOND me.

I felt like this post needed a picture. This is best I got
(I am obviously in no shape to post a picture of myself!)

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Secret Sister

Every year for volleyball we have secret sisters. This year I had a lot of fun with it. Including this little number for Halloween...

It turned out surprisingly cute...