Saturday, March 13, 2010

Let the count down begin

I can't believe I get married next weekend! It came so that I am looking back. If you asked me that around Christmas I would have told that March was NEVER going to come! I have refused to do any count down to my wedding cause i was afraid that was all I was ever going to think about and ti seemed so far away. but now with only a week left i feel like its okay to count down: I get married in 6 days, 144 Hours, and 8640 minutes! I was able to get my finals moved so I will be able to be home a few days earlier and help everyone with the wedding plans finally! I feel like I have not helped nearly enough and that I am just lazy so I am excited to start doing something productive!

Bryan and I are lucky enough to have everyone from both families home for the wedding! Bryan comes from a pretty big family himself so that will be so much fun! I am so excited to see everyone, I wish we did not live so far away from family and friends so I could see everyone on a regular basis. I have one amazing family...both Bryan's side and mine are amazing. How blessed am I to be so lucky with such a wonderful fiance, family, and in-laws!

However I feel like I have so much to do before I can even think about going to Idaho Falls. Bryan and I found a house outside of campus, so we have to move all of our stuff into there (which you would not think is a lot coming from two poor college students but its a lot). Both Bryan and I have talks and lessons to teach in church tomorrow, a million and a half finals on monday and tuesday, checking out of the dorms, packing, grooming the dogs, cleaning, applications due...the list seems to go on and on!

I really just wanted to say thanks to everyone for all of their love and support! My family has done SO much for this wedding it is ridiculous and I am so grateful. Thanks for all of your time that goes into this crazy event! I can't wait! See you there! I love you all!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010


So a month ago my dearest friend Lauren called and asked if I could come visit her in Portland. Of course I thought nothing of this and a month later I found myself driving to Portland to play volleyball with one of my best friends. I was SO excited to see her and spend the weekend with just her and I! When I got there we decided it would be fun to drive up to Olympia and see Nicole and maybe play some volleyball with her. Then we invited was looking to be one promising weekend!

Little did I know that this weekend was carefully planned by Robyn Williams (my assistant coach in Seattle) Nicole, Lauren, and Bryan. Lo and I got to Nicole's house and to my surprise all of my good friends were there to throw my a bridal shower! I was so surprised (Bryan and Lo did a great job from hiding it from me...despite my best efforts to figure it out). It was the best present I have ever had. It was so amazing to see all of my friends from Seattle. I had such an amazing time there and met the most amazing people there..I am so blessed to have such AMAZING friends. I was sad that I was not able to see everyone before my wedding...since the wedding is in Idaho Falls and most of my friends are in Seattle. Not to mention all the fun presents I got! It was such a blast and I wish I could see them more often. here are some pictures of the shower.

We played a bunch of games but this one is my new favorite and well very addicting! It is telephone pictionary and is so funny! I can't wait to play this one with my family..I can only imagine how funny it will be with all the Renchers!

My veil and crown: courtesy of Lo and Cole

Robyn was nice enough to make mimosas for everyone. Unfortunately mine was a mocktail but it was still very yummy!!

The girls! From left to right: me, Anya, Lauren, Glenda, Emily, Jess, Nicole, Baby Brooklyn, Erin

Robyn had a baby four months ago! I can't believe her little girl is already so old! it was so good to see her and the baby!

Thanks again everyone for such a WONDERFUL weekend! I am amazed by how blessed I am everyday! I can't wait to see you all again! O and thanks for keeping it all a secret Bry and Lo it was so perfect!