Thursday, December 2, 2010

Much Needed Update

I know it seems like I am never on blogger, but I read others' blogs on a regular basis. I love reading other's as addicting as Facebook (both of which I need to cut back on) I always have a problem with how my blog looks. I see so many people with such fun blog designs that I get bored with mine. I am also not a very good writer. Ask Bryan, he has to proof read everything I write and always laughs at me. I really think I missed the day in elementary when they teach you how to spell...or sounds intelligent. It bothers me so much that I hate being on my own blog! However I have decided that my blog is long over due for an update.

Here is what has been going on since I have blogged last (almost a year ago)

  • New house. Bry and I another part of town. We now live in a small two bedroom, one bath house with a large backyard. I must say I love this house so much! As much as I hate saying this Klamath Falls is really starting to feel like home.
  • School....a lot of school. I started the Dental Hygiene program in the fall and that is surprisingly time consuming. I feel like I live in the dental clinic. I put off being a hygienist because I thought I would hate it...but it turns out it is not nearly as bad as I thought and it is SO easy (well so far at least...) Bry is majoring in Communications and has been loving all of his classes. I don't think I can say I have every LOVED a class or even enjoyed going, but Bryan really truly loves it...he is insane! He likes his professors and has been doing really well, he fits in so well here at OIT.
  • Volleyball. I don't think there is more to say about that. Any extra time I have outside of class is spent in the gym.
  • Rugby. Bryan has really gotten into this crazy sport. I can't believe the things he puts his body through. Any extra time he has outside of class he spends in the weight room or on the rugby field.
  • Work. I have this awesome job on campus, writing the school online newsletter. The hours are flexible and I really like my boss. Plus I may have gotten a job as a nanny over the summer. I am crossing my fingers on this one because it pays really well and I would love this job!

I guess that list is a lot shorter than I thought it was going to be...maybe I don't write on this blog because I really do not have anything to add! It sounds like we are very boring and don't to anything fun (and you are right for the most part) but I am just going to claim that we are just very busy people.

Here is what is one my list for things to come:

  • SPRING BREAK. Yes I just finished finals. And no we are not going anywhere for the break. Which partly explains my sudden interest in my blog. But it is so nice to have a break and we done with all of our classes. now I can clean my house, get my backyard ready for the summer, and get ready for next term. I feel so old saying all of that. I do not even know who I am anymore.
  • Israel. I am so excited to go to Israel later this year. I think I am almost more excited to spend time with my family than actually going. I am to far away from my family and am having serious withdrawals. Michelle, if you are reading this, get ready!
  • Hawaii. I am SO SO SO excited for this trip!! I am lucky to be going with the Nalders!.. They are going to be stuck with their crazy daughter-in-law/sister-in-law on an island with no way out! Poor People don't know what they have gotten themselves into. I seriously have dreams about this trip tho. I love Hawaii and can't wait!!!!
  • Wedding. I love love love weddings and this summer my beautiful sister-in-law is getting married! I am so exited to see her...she is STUNNING and can't imagine how gorgeous she is going to look on her special day. We will be going to Utah and hang out with the Nalders can hopefully they will put me to work!
  • Anniversary. No big deal. But I have been married almost a year now. CRAZY. I have learned so much about myself over the last year and have never been happier. I am so blessed to be married to such a wonderful man. I love you bug. He doesn't have a name other than bug. or Butt-head. but that depends on the day. Don't worry we have a loving relationship.

See we are not all that boring.

It is amazing what you can come up with when you don't have anything else to do. This may be the longest blog ever. in the history of blogs. If you actually read to this point, than you are just as bored as I am. And that is sad.

I am still working on how to move pictures around, until then here is a random sort of pictures that I found from the last year...just to spice it up a bit.