Thursday, June 11, 2009


Im ENGAGED!!! It was so perfect...props Bry! It was a total surprise! My mom told me I had to go up the cabin to help clean and get ready for the upcoming Halverson reunion next weekend. She gave me a big list of stuff to do and and a bunch of stuff to take to the cabin. I couldn't drag Kenny...apparently he couldn't get of work...bryan had to go to his cousins birthday party. So I went to the cabin...looking like crap by the way...totally ready to be cleaning for the next 24 hours. I pulled up to the cabin and found a bunch of signs...which led me to the dock right on the water! I walk down...and bryan was there waiting! he laid out canvas and blakets covered in rose pedals. he had music playing and a bunch of roses ready. The sun was starting to set, and it was lightly was so perfect and surreal! I walked down and he got on one knee...and well....we are getting married! March wedding here we come!...o and thanks for not letting me look cute family, I look like I have been working all day..o wait I think thats what happened...

Graduation '09

Yay kenny graduated! Now my parents would say this a minor miracle...he walked and everything..who would have thought! I was running late to graduation so i did not catch any pictures of Kenny in his cap and gown before the ceremony...then he had to return it right afterwards so pics of him actually in graduation apparel is on its way from friends that took even though he doesn't look like he graduated in these pictures don't be decived..I am not making it up..kenny really did gratuate high school! Grandma and Grandpa, Tam, Michelle, Adrian, Mom and Dad, Bry and me all had a after graduation ice cream cake party to say he actually did it!

So when kenny walked across the stage...he held up his gown (weating shorts by the way) and was wearing the ugliest white high heels ever! You can't see them cuz I can in the VERY back against the balcony and my camera can only zoom in so a big fat guy stood up...right as i was taking pictures. Thanks and dad were not very impressed about Kenny's little stunt..everyone else thought it was funny! Grandpa said he sould have worn a wig and the whole outfit. Go big or go home baby!!

Senior Homecoming

Kenny had his last Homecoming a few weeks ago. he was so excited about that whits tux and hat. Originally her dress was gold so he had a golden cane and other accessories but at the last minute she changed dresses so he didn't use the and dad thought he was crazy for wear that tux but im not gunna lie he looked hott and totally pulled it off! Mom and Dad were out of town so I made Kenny come back to the house to take the process he lost the tickets to the there are not a lot of pictures as he was frazzled and in a hurry :)
Ken's date Amanda looked gorgeous!

Ken, Amanda, Kylee, and Joe

This picture= Kenny

His whole group didn't come over...Ken was busy looking for tickets...poor kid

Christmas in Seattle '08

Bry saw my post and noticed that I didn't have any picture of our Christmas together in Seattle so i thought i would humor him! We were planning on going home for Christmas really early but Seattle ws hit with quite the snow storm and all the mountain passes were closed as well as most street in Seattle. So to pass the time we had our own Christmas with our own christmas tree and everything! Here are some pics of everything. See Bry I post pictures of us!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Memorial Day Weekend

It was a rainy weekend for Memorial Day...but lots of rain made jet skiing and four wheeling so much fun! We had a lot of family over for the weekend..Jenae, Wyatt and Family, Boomer and Adrian, Jarem and Trish and kids, Mom and Dad, Joann and Mark Dent and Bry and Me. It was so fun to see mom's sister from arizona, we don't see her often and she is super close to my mom so it was fun to have her at the cabin as well. Nate, Nells, and Kev...glad to see you guys showed... :) Bryan and I ended up being the driver for all the little kids...which after the four wheeler rides and jenae had to clean her kids up, she regretted us taking them out! After being so muddy there was only one way to get cleaned the freezing lake we went!

Jo and Me on the good Jet Ski

Bry...fresh from mudding...and baby D aout to play on the water

My face is STILL muddy..that was so hard to get of..we ended up just jumping in...that didn't even do it all the way!


Bry and Jo

yea everyone I am dating him...and o man his face does not always look like that

Boom and Adrian broke the Jet Ski

Sister and her husband going for a ride in the razor!

JoAnn and Mark Dent

mmm...Thats right!

These are all pics from mudding. We resorted to snow goggles...but that didnt work so well...but it made for some fanastic pictures!! It was so cold but so worth it...I love that little Razor. Good investment dad!!!