Saturday, September 26, 2009

Relief Society

So I have been a member of this ward for about a month now when the wonderful bishop (who is from Shelly ID of all places...small world) called me into his office. I am now officially part of the relief society presidency..lucky me huh? I was actually kinda excited since I really like the ward here...helps that Bryan likes the ward even more and forces me to be more social. Anyways I am in charge of Enrichment...which I have never done before! I always avoided them in previous wards (CARMA!)

Any Ideas would be fantastic!!!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Summer '09

What a crazy summer! Between getting engaged, moving into dads new house, visiting with family this summer was so busy and went by so fast I can't believe it is over! I figured since I am not on this very much and now that my live is enslaved to school and volleyball I will give a fast overview of the summer! So I am sorry this is so much at one time and a ton of pictures...I don't post very often so when I do I have lots of time to make up for!

So Bryan was driving around Idaho Falls and saw a bunch of cars swerving this black thing in the middle of the road. He pulled over to see what it was and to move it and found a baby kitten! He picked it up and put it in his car, being the wonderful fiance he is he brought it to me so I can see it before he got rid of it...little did he know that I would fall in love with the little guy! He was so small and a little I nursed him back to health and he lived with me for most of the summer until I moved (you can't have pets at my school)...Tammy found him a home...

Everyone...this is BEAN!

Nate, Megan and Baby Cambri came to Idaho Falls for a little bit this summer. It was so much fun to see them and spend a ton of time with them. Bryan, Nate, Meg, Cambri, and I went to Glacier National Park for the weekend and went camping. It was so much fun and SO pretty. I strongly recomend it...but poor little Cambri got sick and well she did not have so much fun.

Now this stupid goat may have been the only wildlife we saw (minus birds and bugs) on the trip. Unlike Yellowstone there are not as many animals...Brian and Nate were so excited to see an animal I think I have a hundred pictures of this silly the same position. He never moved!

This is one of the many lakes that are in the park and they were AMAZING! The water was crystal clear and you could see everything! Even though it was so cold, the water was so clean and clear that it was totally worth and the highlight of the trip...Boating anyone?!

El Cook! Nate loves to cook while camping...who would have thought! You can never get him to do anything at home but put him outdoors in a tent with a fire and you have a COOK!

Cheesin it!!! (Meg was trying to make up for how unhappy her little girl was!)

On our way to Glacier we stopped at kevins to play with his family...and his wonderful lake! I love you Brother!

hahah so Katherine is one funny girl!!! She took my camera and she and her friends took pictures of themselves...those girls are model material! They have better poses than I do!


Surprisingly enough Nate has a lot of pictures with this exact pose...
Next door to kevin's house Sea.Doo was letting people test drive their new jetskis...O man o man they were LEGIT! Dad...can we have one please?!

Living in Washington you miss wonderful sucset like this one...there is a reason I love Idaho...

O so I got my haircut! hello bangs! Now I have never liked the idea of bangs on me...I have a wonderful callick in the middle of my forehead that makes bangs a challenge! But I helped a friend with a modeling shoot for her hair salon...which involved me getting my haircut...but the model pics looked awesome! I dont have those pics but here are some with my new do...and my boy!


We were so lucky to spend a ton of time with Jenae and her family! They are the best and her kids are so much fun I love having them around and I miss them so much...they should move to Oregon! Bryan and Damion are new best friends and Bry talks about going to visit Damion all the time! We went to a Doctors picnic this summer with Jenae and fam, jade and Brayden and had so much fun! Here are some pictures of that!

Wedding Dress

So I am sorry these pictures are so blurry they are from Bryan's phone, and no don't worry Bry did not see my threw a fit at the idea! Pam Nalder (future mother-in-law) took these pictures, forwarded them to bryans phone so we could put them up!

But anyways here is my dress!

It was so funny..this dress looked nothing like the type of dress I originally has lace...a lot of lace, silver stiching, a long train, and very ornate I thought I was crazy for even trying it on but as soon as I did on I fell in love! It was fit perfectly (did I mention it was a size 4?)..and my mom loved it!! She had to convince me to buy it not the other way around...I told her it was to expensive and what if I find one I liked better but with both her and megan there was no saying no!!! It was only the third or so dress that I tried on and that really scared after we bought the dress, Jenae and Megan and I went dress shopping one more time just to make was fun to try on the dresses but none of them fit or looked as good as this dress did! Thanks guys I love my Dress!!!!