Tuesday, April 27, 2010

MY First post

Well, I have NO clue what I'm doing on this blog right now. I've never posted anything on here before (this is Bryan by the way...). I was talking to my cousins James and Conor Mason last night, and they asked me if I had a blog. I told them Mindy and I do, but she does all the work on it. That I have access to it, and probably will mess with it sometime. They laughed and said I will never blog anything. Well, probably half the reason I'm on right now doing this is because of their response to the idea of me "blogging". The other half? Because its 7am, and Mindy's 1 day of the week to sleep in. This means she is still asleep! Today is my day off of the week. I was going to do lawn work today, but its all rainy outside! Maybe it will clear up... Whoever is reading this, if you haven't noticed already, this post is about absolutely nothing. You probably should just stop reading, because anything written after this sentence is most likely me rambling on because I can't fall back asleep. Ohhh!! Funny news. There is this comedian/celebrity that is my friend on Facebook. Caitlyn (my sister) and I absolutely LOVE watching his shows. So one day, I randomly decide to try to talk to him on facebook chat. Just send him a quick one liner joking around. And guess what? He actually responded!! This happened about 6 months ago, and since then we've had probably 6 conversations. They are completely pointless and not even close to being serious, but who cares? So next time I talk to him, I'm going to have him post something on Caitlyn's Facebook wall, which I think would be hilarious!! So it was Mindy's birthday a little over a week ago, and mine is next month. We decided we want to buy mountain bikes for our birthdays and start to go on bike rides in the mountains, and around town. Also, it would be a great way to get to and from the school, and save on gas money. Well, it's time for me to get up now. Hope this wasn't a complete waste of your time! Ohh, I do have the most beautiful and amazing wife ever!!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Funny Shoes

Five Finger Shoes!

A little while ago my wonderful dog got my husband's work out shoes! After working out for months in flip-flops because shoes are expensive...we decided that its really time to get e new pair. I am not sure how Bryan found these things but they are awesome! hahaha I think they look like toe socks!! Anyways I am convinced that they do not give you the support you need for working out and running but they say they do! They are also great for hiking, water sports, and anything you can think of! bryan is in LOVE with them and wears them everywhere! They make me laugh but I have to admit they are growing on me (plus I am running out of funny things to say about them!) He keeps saying that he will get me a pair but I don't think I can handle having things in between my toes like that...I have a hard enough time wearing shoes as it is! Just thought I would let you in on my entertainment for the last few weeks (they make me laugh just thinking about them) and tell you how sweet these shoes are!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Goodbye pretty hotel, great food, and beautiful Mexico

last time in the elevator...

I love him :)

So the sushi restaurant closed at eleven...we would have dinner, than go eat a later dinner here...almost every night. We love our sushi!

Mexican restaurant with singers :) Love mexico!

The hotel gave us a private honeymoon dinner, decorate the table, had menus, and violin player and everything...it was so fun

beautiful Honeymoon dinner

Hammock...everyone should have one of these...

He won most of them tho...stupid...

I can never get enough of laying out in the sun, then going to jump in the ocean...perfection.

We thought we would play pool while waiting for dinner...I will say I won a few!

Let's just say Bry LOVED the all you can eat almost more than I did

Getting ready for dinner

The view outside our window was perfect!

These shells were everywhere! Watch your step...

Looking at our hotel form the ocean :)

Playing in the OCEAN!!!! So pretty!

Our Beautiful Hotel Suite...it was all decorated and everything, it looked amazing


Can I even tell you how beautiful and amazing Cancun is?! Bryan and I went there for out honeymoon.

Getting there was a bit of a challenge...

We were meant to leave on Sat the day after our wedding. We show up to the airport at five in the morning and wait and wait. Apparently there a bolt loose on the flight, so they had to fly someone in from SLC to tighten it...making the flight four-five hours late. Because of this we missed our connecting flights and could not get to Mexico until Sunday. So we spent Sat, opening presents and saying goodbye to everyone. It turned out to be really good! We were able to get the airlines and the hotel extend our stay, and were able to see our families that for a bit longer before everyone left to their own lives!

Mexico was so much fun! The weather was amazing and we were able to get some great tanning in! We went to Isla Mueres, Saw some ruins, swam with dolphins (I have always wanted to that and I was so worth the wait! It was a blast and those animals are absolutely gorgeous!), we ate enough to last us a year, and mostly hung out by the ocean and ordered some fun topical drinks. They had all you can eat and drink and I am pretty sure we did just that. I ate more on my honeymoon than I have in a long time...how how often do you get to that?! The food was amazing and we could not get enough!

Cancun is paradise all in it self but with my best friend with me I have never had so much fun. I am so glad I am married to such a great man that takes care of me! I want to go back...now :)

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter

Easter was so much fun this year! It was the first holiday that Bry and I had together all by ourselves as a married couple. It was fun to combine traditions and come up with our own. Bryan and I wanted to make Easter baskets for each other and make it a surprise...so last night we started our quest. I would not recommend trying to find easter stuff the night before easter...all the good candy is gone! It took us three stores and two hours later to finally find everything we wanted. Turns out we have not mastered getting stuff for only two people. I am use to helping my parents buy lots of candy for Christmas and Easter...and the same goes for Bryan...let just say our easter baskets were VERY full and very bad for you. Easter morning we shared our baskets, had an Easter egg hunt, made an awesome breakfast and listened to conference while constantly eating candy...if I did not gain enough weight on my honeymoon I did over the weekend with all the sugar I have consumed.

We really enjoyed listening to conference together and the talks were so good (we listened to all of it I will have you know..that is a feat for me). I am so blessed that we have the technology to watch it live through the internet. Having such a relaxed Easter after so much craziness lately I was able to really take a step back and see how happy and blessed my life is. I have a husband that loves me more than the world and would do anything for me! I love him so much and am so happy to share my life with him! I love my church and the wonderful blessing it adds to my life and my relationship with my husband. I need to slow down and realize things like this more often and see how lucky I am and stop complaining!

My computer wont let me upload pictures lately so sorry about that! I will try again another time and try to catch up with all the Wedding and Honeymoon pics.