Friday, June 17, 2011

Sean Penn

We saw this guy riding his bike, barefoot, in Laie

Turns out it was Sean freaking Penn. I met Sean Penn.

P.S. He rides his bike as if he is drunk...then again he prolly was...


Yesterday I swam with these beauties:

and it was amazing. We went out to Electric Beach early in the morning where we found a pod of 40 or so dolphins two miles off shore. It was so cool to be so close to so many! Bry and I were able to swim with dolphins on our honeymoon but it was nothing like seeing them in the wild and being surrounded by so many of them. We were able to see them interact with each other, hear them talk, and saw a few mating! I love dolphins so much and every time I see them I am reminded why. They are absolutely stunning and I am amazed to see God's handy work. It was such a cool experience.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011


Can I stay here forever?

Friday, June 10, 2011

Israel, Birthdays, and Life

It is officially summer! Bry and I finished all of our finals today and we can finally breathe a little. There are a few of you that I promised I would post an update and everything that has been going on in good old Klamath for you ya go!


I had the best opportunity to go to Israel in April. It was such an amazing experience. I learned so much I feel as if I could write for hour. Since I am not the best of writers I can see this blog being both painful to any readers as well as serve as an injustice for this amazing trip. In either case I will keep this short and sweet. I am not able to see family very often so it was fun to have so much family on this trip.

A few of the amazing places we saw:

Tel Avia
Sea of Galilee
Garden Tomb
Church of the Holy Sepulchre
Dome of the Rock
Garden of Gethsemane
Wailing Wall
Dead Sea
Beit She'an
Jordan River

...and so many others! I want to talk about each of them in detail however I am not sure I can find the proper words.

I pictured Israel very differently in my head and was amazed at what I found. I completely underestimated the influence the United States has on other countries, as I was surprised to see so many American brands displayed on billboards, signs, and shops. We started out tour in Tel Aviv, moved up to the Sea of Galilee and various cities surrounding it, then finished in Jerusalem.

The Sea of galilee is one of my favorite places on this trip. It has such a sweet spirit about it and made it hard to leave. Even though the sea was more like a lake I am amazed at how real it made everything. All of the stories I know by heart came to life right in front of me, bringing a new meaning to the stories.

Jerusalem is surreal to say the least! This city really makes you realize that you are in Israel, and brings everything home for you. I immediately fell in love with everything about this city. Its culture, history, buildings, architecture...breathtaking.

The tour was lead by Dan Peterson, a famous historian and Brad Wilcox. These men really made the trip what it was. Brother Peterson provided all of the historical background of everything we saw (which is a MUST have!) and Brother Wilcox was the spiritual cheerleader. Each man left me so much insight, and new perspective. I can't imagine the trip with out them. My sister and I decided that we are going to make our kids study here when they are old enough...I recommend everyone should make this trip at least once. I am so thankful for this opportunity it really changed my life. I am so excited to take Bry there...everywhere I went I could see his face, how he would react and know how much he would love it. It was so hard to be away from him (and I doubt I will ever be that far from him again) but I learned being on my own that I would not have otherwise. Enough babble about Israel...but the trip was awesome.

And while I was gone Bry had his own fun...


I turned 22 this year! I am not normally a big birthday person but my husband sure is! He is good at spoiling me. My birthday ended up being on a Sunday this year so it was very low key. Plus I was babysitting all weekend for a great couple in our ward so we were busy but did the best we could to squeeze in some sort of birthday. Bry made me the best fruit pizza (my favorite desert, I love fruit so so much!) and gave me lots of fun presents. It was a great day.

I came home from babysitting to this little number: orchids, fruit pizza, and presents!

Bry turned the big 23! Birthdays are always fun because you are amazed at how fast time goes, and how much can change in one year. This year was no different. We opened presents, went to the movie: the Hangover 2, had sushi for dinner, and enjoyed our time together. I am so blessed to have this boy in my life. For his day we had an oreo cookie, carmel ice cream cake. It came tricky when we tried to light 23 candles on it...


I finally finished my sophomore year in the dental hygiene program....and man did time feel like it was crawling. I found it very hard when my friends (who were MY AGE) graduated college this year, just to realize I took the long route and still have two more years to go. I feel like I will never graduate. Bry on the other hand is loving class, teachers, the whole nine yards! I wish I was as optimistic about out education.

I am relieved to spend less time here:

And lots more time here: (now that the weather is finally starting to be nice)

Up Next

Hawaii! TO say that I am excited to go to hawaii with the Nalder's would be understatement. I do not have much patience here in Klamath Falls, with the weather being so terrible, so all I do is think, dream, and count down days until Hawaii. It is finally here! We leave Sunday and wil be gone for a week. I am such a better person in the sun and beach that maybe my husband will remember that I can be nice and not always such a grumpy pants.

Who knows we may need to move somewhere with a beach and sun just so my husband doesn't hate me for the rest of our lives.

In just a few days I will be here!!!