Sunday, March 20, 2011


To say that this last year has gone by fast would be severe understatement.

Last night was our first Anniversary. It seriously amazes me to think that I have been married for one year already. It feels like we just started this crazy journey. So much as happened and I have learned so much. I can honestly say that I am a much better peson now than I was a year ago. ( I hope I can say that every year) I love being married and I love Bryan so much. I am not one for cheesy, emotions can make me feel uncomfortable. My husband however is a cheese ball. Cheesy is all he knows. And to be fully honest I think I kinda like it. It makes me feel like I am living in my own cheesy romantic comedy. The comedy comes from me. Not my husband. The cheesy comes from him. Not from me. haha we make a great couple. Needless to say Bryan likes to make a big deal out of things like birthdays, holidays, and especially our Anniversary.

The day began with us sleeping in. I love my sleep. I could sleep all day and be so content. My husband quickly learned that a over rested Mindy is a very happy and bubbly wife. It was a present all in itself to sleep in until noon.

Then he surprised me with lots of these:

And these:

Then I was able to stay in bed all day. He made me breakfast. Strawberries and Waffles. My favorite. Yes. My husband knows me better than I know myself. I can not imagine a better day. (Other than being in a awesome hotel, on the beach, with lots of sun)

Once Bry finally got me out of bed we went to a bookstore and did a little shopping. I love everything about bookstores, they smell so good and have such a calming feeling to them. I think I could spend hours there. And Bry just let me go where ever I wanted. It was awesome.

Then we went to dinner and had lots of this:

I have become a huge fan of sushi. It is our favorite place to eat. ever. After dinner we went home, watched a movie, and had a great evening. The day was perfect. I realize that this post does not do this day justice.

I must say I am glad my husband made a big deal about the day, and made it all about me. I love how cheesy he can be and never lets me forget how much he loves me. I hope that never ends, even when we are a hundred years old.

Some Things About Us:

- He calls me Monster. I call him Bug. I think it is fitting.
- He kills the bugs. I cry every time I see them.
- He does the dishes and the living room. I do everywhere else.
- He plays Rugby. I play volleyball.
- He loves the 49ners. I hate them. I think their colors are ugly and their mascot makes no sense.
- He lovs the Jazz. I love the Celtics.
- He loves to play Xbox. I love to read.
- He like to talk. I would rather listen.
- He doesn't like to argue. I do.
- He is not sarcastic. I am. (he is getting better tho)
- He is selfless. I am not so much.
- Our dogs love me more than him.
- He is my world. I am his.

Thats as cheesy as I get.

Happy Anniversary Old Man. I love you.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Wasting Time

Now that finals are over I am realizing that I do not know what to do with myself over spring break. Originally I wanted to fix up my backyard to get it all ready for the summer, but this crazy Klamath Falls weather decided to snow. So I clean my house...but that really only takes so long. next I read some books. I am a fast reader and have already gone through two books today. What am I going to do for the next week with nothing to do?! I wont have school, or volleyball, or work...that all seems very appealing at first but then I get bored. I have found out that I do very well beging very busy and juggling a million things. After one day of sleep and lazing around I find myself getting bored. As a result of being bored I find myself on Facebook or looking through people blogs. At first I only did it every once in awhile and it was a great way to keep in touch. However I realize that ANY down time I have I am on the computer on Facebook or a blog. Not ok. I should be doing more productive things. anything really. So I deleted my Facebook friends except family and those that I still talk to on a regular basis. You would think that having a smaller amount of people to stalk on Facebook would limit my time on Facebook. But No. In fact that only worked for a week or so. I am now on Facebook all the time and am looking at the same thing all day since it is not always changing anymore. It is the same with blogging. I think I read the same blogs over and over. I need an intervention. Or you guys just need to update your blogs and Facebook more...